Tha Bamboo EP

by Tha Next Monet

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"Tha Bamboo EP" is tha debut album by Tha Next Monet, which dropped 10/31/14! An homage to their LA experience on the underground rock and roll, eclectic,and hip hop scene, its BASS HOP at its finest.
The Bamboo Remix was a collab by Elliot Next and Andrew Monheim of the Andromiden ,and TNM will be releasing a DJ kit at a date TBA.

Thank you for your support, go spread the love!! - C & E


released October 31, 2014

Produced by Elliot Next.
Lyrics written and preformed by Chelsea Monet.
Vocal Recording and Engineering by Andromiden studio in Pasadena CA.



all rights reserved


Tha Next Monet Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Beautiful Interruption
In the land of lucifer ,capital of corruption
you are the most beautiful interruption (2x)

You shall always find what you seek
bound sure to come across a lil dirt if you creep
down low to the flow to the flo down low

whats keeps your heart going but electricity
scared to burn out don't you have a lil sympathy
Ge-ne-rate. kinetic energy .shocking instantly
its not about the fame and fortune the bracelets from tiffanys
you make me feel differently. very complimentary
you know a cancer digs some constancy
and as you came into my vicinity i had an epiphany
they all love me insufficiently '

in the land of lucifer ,capital of corruption
your the most beautiful interuption...
Track Name: Black Butterflies
You cant tell me other wise
them in the suits are the bad guys
in disguise like black butter flies in the dead of the night

You might catch me on hoarders.but I'm preparing for the famine.
top ramin,raisins,pastas,peanut butter, its not paranoia,wait till they test the radiation in the salmon,
But till then imma keep on jamming .Cookin hella extra food cause I'm always sharing.
honey why you hate it when I'm always starin at you when you when you sleep.
they killing protestors in the streets .shit i barely want to blink
let alone take our time for granted. Everyone buying organic and going green but could give a rats ass about saving out planet.ioonnnn wanna hear it. my mind racing like a miiilllllllleeeeeee a minute
trying to remember to leave a lil food for the spirits
imma die. but promise you i dont fear it

You cant tell me other wise
them in the suits are the bad guys
in disguise like black butter flies in the dead of the night

Yea I vote but know for the most part thats irrelevant
think fast never hesitant, you can tell im a California resident
iiii dont really hang with no pessimist. and if i do im just trying to show them the light.
tell them my story show them the fight, they we all have inside.
sometimes i too want to hide.but im too0 bright
.hey E i got an idea. lets move threww the night,
off to the lands where they think turkish delight is actually good.
White people surprised they enjoy us despite we actually hood.
Dont get it misunderstood there isnt just one type of hoodlum.just as there is not jsut one type of muslim. From harriet tubman to alicia appleman jurmen .listen to my sermon
we all got some ratches mixed in the bunch.
I got some stoli mixed in the punch.and this is just brunch
Track Name: Bamboo [Elliot Next x AndromiDen REMIX]]
....looked in the mirrior.what i say? I pray
that this very day you realize .your it.
.your very great
that no conspiracies againt me will prosper.
they do it improper
.whistle blowers. imposters
call a dr.i said im sick.
no for real shawty. your it .pure divinity
spit it like its ten of men.enemies put the mic down
they never say Chels pipe down.
politicians faker than yo gfs eyebrows
i fluid to hip hop im cupid
fall in love and direct from uptown .what now